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Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer

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In local jurisdictions of Canada, it is invariably the civil procedure committee comprising of seasoned judges who are entrusted with the task of developing and prescribing the civil procedure to be adopted in such jurisdictions. For any of the recommendations of the committee to be effective and binding, the same needs to be approved formally by the attorney general of the jurisdiction concerned.

The common law of Canada (which applies to any Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer)may also play a part in the evolution and growth of the gamut of laws on the civil procedure, so long as the same is consistent and/or in furtherance of the civil procedure prescribed by the established statute or rules pertaining to it. So far as the guidelines and processes are clearly and expressly laid down in such written and codified texts, the courts are bound by them and ought to apply them in letter and spirit.

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Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer

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